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VICTORY?! Brain Tumors and God's Coincidences


When you are in your twenties, your main concerns are to go to work, hang out with your friends, go out on dates and eventually, get married. Imagine that one day a giant brick wall is placed in your pathway! Like a kick in the butt, you never saw it coming! Suddenly, all you want is to live and function normally, but actual survival is the easy part. The doctors and God take care of everything else while you adjust to your new normal, both physically and mentally.


Victory?! is the story of Judy Lombardo’s surprise diagnosis with a brain tumor at the age of twenty-five, and the even more surprising things that happened surrounding her life with that diagnosis. Just when she thinks she has recovered and has her new life figured out, she is diagnosed with a second brain tumor. The treatment of the second tumor provides her with a new set of problems. In Victory?!, Judy tells her life story through vignettes that are sometimes humorous and sometimes shocking, but all are real-life situations. As she reflects on the chapters of her life, Judy finds so many coincidences that weave through the years and can only be signs from God.


Join Judy on her roller coaster journey and find your own Victory, recognizing God’s coincidences in your life.


VICTORY?! Brain Tumors and God's Coincidences

  • VICTORY?! Brain Tumors and God's Coincidences will ship after July 21, 2021.

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