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WE RE-DO TOO:  Love That Lasts a Lifetime


Guess Who’s Back? After recounting our journey back to the best marriage after infidelity in We Re-Do, we had an epiphany; we know many other couples who have built loving and long-lasting marriages. Let’s introduce them to the world!

This anthology features four couples married for a total of eighty-nine years! The Redmonds, the Spearmans, the Seatons, and the Cookes share ‘The Day That I Met You’ (Matilda Mann), fell ‘Crazy in Love’ (Beyonce, feat Jay-Z) and how they have maintained their ‘Groove Thang’ (Zhane) through all that life has thrown at them.


Just like in We Re-Do, the story is told from three sides: the wife’s “She-Do”, the husband’s “He-Do”, and their common reflections and experiences “We-Do”. ‘Jam’ (Michael Jackson) out with these amazing couples as they share their stories of love and loss. Triumph and tragedy. Faith and failures. ‘Through it All’ (Andrae Crouch), they developed love-habits and North star principles to help them overcome the challenges that are sure to befall every marriage.


These couples have laughed, fought, communicated, prayed, and focused on healing themselves to build healthy marriages that some didn’t think would last.



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