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Are You Ready to G.R.O.W.? Part 4 - The WAY FORWARD


We often find ourselves stagnated - whether it is in our career or, sometimes, even in life. The G.R.O.W. method is an excellent tool that can be used for many areas of stagnation. The more that I use this method, the more I find that it can be used for so many areas of life. The main two areas that I use this tool is for coaching and for mentoring and can be easily mastered using these 4 principles to working through and solving any problem. This method has been used to help leaders become more effective coaches, to help mentors become more effective mentors and to help ANYONE improve their ability to solve any problem. It is not only a systematic method to solve a problem and put actions into place, but it is easy to remember and can be applied to any type of situation. The more you use these principles, the easier it becomes and it becomes “second nature” to getting the results you desire.

So, here it is, G.R.O.W. - G.R.O.W. stands for Goal, Reality, Obstacles/Options, and Way Forward. Today we will double-click on the WAY FORWARD and then discuss how to use this G.R.O.W. model in your mentoring and coaching conversations.

The final step of the GROW Mentoring Model is mapping out the WAY FORWARD. This will be a concrete plan of action. Once this is formalized, then the mentee will have the maximum opportunity for success with their goal. But, how do you formulate that plan of action? You use the information from each of the previous steps (Goal, Reality, Obstacles/Options) to develop the Way Forward. Using the entire process will put you on a path to success.

So how do you use the G.R.O.W. method to determine your WAY FORWARD? By asking questions. This method does not work if you TELL, TELL, TELL! Through a combination of asking questions, you can determine your obstacle and options and begin to work through the final step in the process. Not sure where to start? Use some of the sample WAY FORWARD questions below.

Sample Way Forward Questions:

  • Which options can most effectively help you reach your goal?

  • How committed are you to this plan?

  • What options will you use and what is the priority of the options you selected?

  • What are some concrete steps that you can take now to move you forward?

  • What is the order of steps that you plan to take?

  • What support do you need to move forward with this plan?

  • Will this plan get you to your goal?

Working with a coach or mentor can provide you with the support you need in order to effectively develop your plan of action and the WAY FORWARD, but then it is up to you to take that plan and make it work. As you go through this process, you can always regroup and start back over if you get stagnated and can't move forward. Just reassess and start over again to reestablish your GOAL, your REALITY, your OBSTACLES and OPTIONS, and move to a new WAY FORWARD.

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