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Do I Need to Have a Professional Editor?

Do I Need to Have a Professional Editor? Find the answer to this and many more publishing questions in our series on Publishing in the Enhanced DNA Publishing Blog.

Here is an excerpt from the workbook, "Enhancing Your Communication DNA: Publishing for Beginners" that gives some insight into the publishing world.

Do I Need to Have a Professional Editor? YES!

Every book should have a professional editor! A good editor is just like having your best friend along for the ride. Their goal is to make sure that you and your book are the best product that can be published. The editor will massage and finesse your original content without changing your meaning. Even though you may think that you are a very good writer and that you made all “A’s” in English, the editor can provide insights specific to your genre and provide insight based off your target audience.

One piece of caution: Even though your editor should be as close as your best friend, your editor should not “be” your best friend, unless they are a professional editor! Best friends, friends, colleagues, or someone who volunteers, to edit your book is not enough. They may serve the role as a “proofreader” but not your editor. Many times the “friend” will not be honest with you regarding the structure of the book, grammar, and maybe even spelling, because they are not necessarily trained on what to look for in the editing process. So, a word of caution, please secure a professional editor.

Find an editor that you trust and make them a partner in your publishing journey.

Here are some things to consider when selecting your editor:

1. Request a resume or determine the level of experience.

2. It is okay to request to see examples of their work.

3. Determine if they have expertise in the genre of your book.

4. Do price comparisons.

5. Determine the availability for your project.

6. Establish a contract with expectations.

If you are working with a publisher, they can assist in finding the right editor or provide editing as a part of their services. Make sure when you set up your publishing contract, that you have identified the details around editing and whether that is included in their fees.

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