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Enhancing Your Leadership DNA: Coaching for Success

How many times have you left a workshop and felt like you needed additional help? Well, here it is! Enhancing Your Leadership DNA: Coaching for Success, Beyond the Workshop “Workbook”, takes leaders beyond the workshop to provide practical tools and guidance to become a more effective coach and impact the coaching culture of the organization.

In this workbook, Denola M. Burton, takes the concepts from the workshop, Enhancing Your Leadership DNA: Coaching for Success to the “next level” and provides leaders with the step-by-step tools to enhance their skills using the G.R.O.W. Model of Coaching in everyday coaching conversations. This workbook provides the framework for leaders to create, nurture and maintain the coaching culture therefore being able to embrace the culture, share the culture and live the culture. Haven’t attended the workshop?

This book is a workbook, targeted for previous participants of my workshop, “Enhancing Your Leadership DNA: Coaching For Success” or leaders who have previous coaching experience. A great workbook to transform the culture of any organization!


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