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I Still Hear The Drums - Author Academy Award WINNER!

Today I would like to feature a very special author, Linda Lewis-Everett, and her book, I Still Hear The Drums, published by Enhanced DNA Publishing. On October 25, 2019, Linda walked THE RED CARPET at the AUTHOR ACADEMY AWARDS where her book has earned a spot in the TOP 10 HISTORICAL FICTION category! AND, SHE WON! This is an AMAZING accomplishment for a first time author AND for the Enhanced DNA Publishing family!

Linda provides a captivating account of a young African girl, captured, enslaved and transported from her home country in Africa to the unfamiliar land of America. This is the story of Abena, who was forced to be called Beulah, in a foreign and cruel new world. You will experience Beulah’s life story of slavery, with all of the struggles and challenges that came with losing her freedom and how the only mainstay was the calming effect she experienced when heard and felt the drums of her beloved homeland.

Linda Lewis-Everett is a native of Indianapolis and has been married to her husband, Dubois Everett over 28 years. They have one son, Kenneth Anthony Peters, and one granddaughter, Jala Nicole Peters. Linda is a member of many civic, and social organizations, is engaged in many volunteer activities and she is an advocate for the American Cancer Society. She is also a proud Army Veteran, enjoys traveling, shopping, gardening, and reading and shares a strong kinship with her African roots. Linda has visited Africa multiple times and that kinship provided the inspiration for this novel.

If you have not read this book, you are missing out! Contact Linda to get your autographed copy of this award winning book!

But, just in case, here is an excerpt:


I hear my tribal sounds from the distant shores. I faintly hear them now if I press my ear squarely on the splintered boards.

They’re hard to make out over the thrashing waters but I know what they are saying “You are not lost to us. Wherever you end up you still belong to us!”

“Us” is Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Cameroon. You are, and will always be Africa! Yes child, you are Africa.

The sounds are becoming really faint now. I don’t think I hear our drums. I lie very still and hold my breath, hoping to hear my drums. My drums from home. I no longer hear them. I no longer hear the drums.

I’m sure now, I no longer hear the drums. Oh God, I no longer hear those drums! I lie there listening to all sorts of sounds but none that comfort me. I hear only constant moans and groans. That’s all I hear now, no more drums.


Contact us to order your copy.


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