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She Became Me: More than a Book - It's a Movement!

Lentina Rogers has a vision for “She Became Me: A Letter to My Younger Self”. “This is more than a book, it is a movement”, says Lentina. The mission of the “She Became Me” movement is to enhance the mental, emotional and physical quality of life for women all over the world by planting healthy thoughts and ideas through mentorship, authorship and friendship. In addition, through “She Became Me”, Lentina has a vision to create precise and profound avenues for healing, gaining prosperity and self-concept development. The "She Became Me" movement includes a full curriculum, podcast and resources for women to be empowered and transform into the woman they can become!

Lentina Rogers is the Founder and CEO of Butterfly Effects, LLC. Lentina is recognized as a youth mentor, family success – motivational and inspirational coach. She is passionate about encouraging people and helping them identify and appreciate the value of their uniqueness.

In 2018, Lentina chaired Butterfly Effects first annual "Flowers in The Attic – Planting Seeds for Blooming Ladies" workshop for girls ages 13 – 18. Lentina's vision for the Flowers in the Attic event was inspired by the organization’s mission statement, “We seek to provide services to a younger generation through educational workshops that teach basic life skills to create a sturdy foundation for a bright and optimistic future.” Lentina used the platform to plant seeds – educating and motivating young ladies, helping them understand the significance of being self-sufficient, the importance of having high self-esteem and the role it plays in building healthy relationships. As CEO of the Butterfly Effects, she has created the opportunity to empower, share, and put into practice her mantra - "If you can change one thing, then you are capable of changing everything".

As presenting author of the book, “She Became Me: A Letter to My Younger Self”, Lentina had a goal to empower the fourteen female authors to share their stories in order to demonstrate that they could overcome issues from their past and that readers can also feel empowered to overcome their past as well.

In addition, Enhanced DNA Publishing is so excited for Lentina Rogers and the team of amazing authors of the Anthology, “She Became Me:  A Letter to My Younger Self” for being the FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Indy Author Awards in the Anthology category!  This is a new award presented by Marguerite Press and sponsoring author, Linda Lewis Everett (also an Enhanced DNA Publishing author)! The Indy Author Awards was created by Delores Lewis Thornton, Founder and President of Marquerite Press, Inc., who throughout her literary career has been in the never-ending quest to highlight and spotlight authors who have picked up the pen and left their mark on or world. 


CHILDREN'S BOOKS WINNERS *Book by Child Author Yes! We Are Twins, But We Are Different by Tyrell Smith *Children's Book/Empowerment Orange by Derrick S. Slack *Children's Self-help My Body Is My Body: I Have Rules by Charlotte L. Jenkins ADULT BOOKS WINNERS *Anthology She Became Me: A Letter to My Younger Self by Lentina Rogers

*Self Help Even Boss Ladies Need a Break by Shar'ron Mason *General Fiction

Bounce Back From Tragedy by Mira Cassidy *Suspense The Window by Denise Hill *Religious Non-fiction Cost of the Oil: Becoming Authentically Alive in the Presence of God by Gloria Lewis-Vaughn


Here is an excerpt from She Became Me: A Letter to My Younger Self, the Introduction, which provides insight to the purpose of the book.



Lentina Rogers

I have always been an obedient child; a team player, a supporter, a giver, someone who is compassionate, concerned, a helper, responsible, accountable, decisive, direct, logical, analytical and reasonable. But what I finally arrived at and what has brought me full circle to my life’s purpose, is connecting to my spirituality and realization of a deep calling to fulfill my life assignments. You see, I constantly ran from great opportunities that would require deep personal self-actualization. Maslow described the top of his Hierarchy of Needs by remarking that: “a musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately happy” (Maslow, 1943). In other words, self-actualization is based on full realization of one’s creative, intellectual, and social potential through internal drive (versus for external rewards like money, status or power). It took years of what I perceived as failed and successful experiences and the presence of confidants, comrades and constituents, to gain the courage and knowledge to dismiss the fear-based barriers that were interfering with me becoming my holistic “self”. Once that light came on and I recognized I was prepackaged with all the necessary skills, gifts and talents. I just needed to accept the role that was the design for me. With that being said, in 2018 I created Butterfly Effects, LLC where I provide profound and precise avenues to enhance the physical, emotional and mental quality of life for the next generation along with encouragement, empowerment and elevation of women through workshops, authorship, mentorship and friendship. My first book, The Sun in My Eyes, is a self-development, inspirational book describing the first steps to intentional transformation. I have learned to take the responsibility to say “no”, staying true to myself, rejecting negativity in any form. protecting my energy which I refer to as my “magic”. I’ve found that walking in my truth is not always following cultural, social systems or traditional customs that brings uncomfortable or stressful feelings into my cup. I adopted the slogan, “I will fill my cup first, then when my cup runs over, you may sip from my saucer”. This is where my healthy boundaries start at the saucer. Because I am a naturally giving person, compassionate and thoughtful of others, this boundary protects and balances my self-care needs. My hope is to be an example for women to be true to themselves. This anthology was birthed out of a spiritual awakening when the idea plummeted into my spirit to write a letter to my younger self. The women included in this anthology plummeted into my spirit with a complete blueprint to follow. When I walk in my purpose, things seem to come to me effortlessly. Sometimes I get false preceptors and I get an inclination to change courses, but this spiritual thing is solid and I have learned to adjust my antennas and stay connected to the source. It becomes a smooth transition to get back on course. It starts with the sorting of self, to exhilarate, vibrate and elevate self-love. I’m fully committed to using my spiritual gifts and being obedient to my spiritual purpose. My goal is to cultivate happiness and wholeness through physical, mental and emotional wellness. Until you manifest self-awareness and unmask your emotions. your energy will project the quality of character you deflect.

To purchase your autographed copy of the book, “She Became Me: A Letter to My Younger Self” or the journal, “She Became Me: Notes to Myself”, visit the website, To subscribe to the “She Became Me” movement, visit


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