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What Motivated Me to Become a Publisher?

Back in 2019, as we released our book, Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success, I did an interview where I was asked a series of questions about my new career as a speaker, trainer, coach and as an author/publisher. We discussed my motivations for my company, Enhanced DNA: Develop Nurture Achieve, LLC and Enhanced DNA Publishing. Here is an excerpt where I answer the question, "What motivated me to become a publisher"? View this 2 minute clip about that motivation.

Thanks to JoeAkeStudios Productions for the expertise in videography!

This week I am spending the time learning and growing at the Independent Book Publishers Association, Publishing University (PubU). I can't wait to share everything that I am learning with those of you who are growing on your Road to AUTHORity. Haven't heard the term "Road to AUTHORity"? That is my description of the path that you need to take to:

  • Define Your AUTHORity (your area of expertise or the topic of your book)

  • Identify Your Author DNA (your goals for writing, publishing and marketing your book)

  • Follow A Blueprint (all the technical aspects of writing, publishing and marketing)

  • Engage Your Target Audience (how to identify, find and engage the people your book is meant for)

  • Stay Connect and Keep Growing in your area of expertise, with your target audience and in the author community)

As I have grown as a publisher, it is important that I do whatever I can to help grow other authors. You may have heard that the Enhanced DNA word for the year is "Nurture". It may end up being my word every year, in some shape or form, because it is my passion to nurture others so they can be all that they can be. I am excited to be able to do that as a publisher so at the end of the day, my motivation for being a publisher is to develop and nurture authors so they can achieve their goals in their area of expertise, in their target audience and as they grow as an AUTHORity!

Stay tuned to our journey.


Denola M. Burton is the Founder and CEO of Enhanced DNA: Develop Nurture Achieve, LLC and Enhanced DNA Publishing. Through Enhanced DNA, Denola develops and nurtures individuals and organizations to achieve their Leadership, Communication and Performance goals and objectives. Denola is an author and publisher and through Enhanced DNA Publishing, assists new and newer authors in publishing their books according to the standards of the Independent Book Publisher's Association (IBPA). Denola retired from Eli Lilly and Company after 27 years where the majority of her career was focused on Employee Relations/Human Resources. Interested in becoming an author? Check out Denola' s new book, Enhancing Your Author DNA: Step-by-Step Publishing Guide.

You can connect with Denola on Facebook or Instagram or schedule a free 30-minute author consultation. You can also send a message via email at


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