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In BRIDGE: THE POWER OF GOD’S VANISHING POINT, author Ching Chuang-Chow shares an amazing story of overcoming from her unexpected journey and the challenges of her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment that reassessed her faith horizon, self-confidence and fresh BELIEF in Jesus. Ching describes how the power of the Holy Spirit directed her back to the foundation of biblical understanding and how Jesus’s character was shining bright over her ‘bridge’ to her ‘vanishing point’. God creates His own architecture vanishing point which brings forth the full plan for our lives – a plan with a firmer structure for His promises and purpose; a structure consisting of stories of His glory and redemption.


Ching has invited contributors who shared this journey with her, to share their thoughts and God’s rewards from being a part of this challenging time in her life.


It is an extraordinary journey, Ching Chuang-Chow and the contributors’ hope is that you will better understand God’s majestic authority and the greater plan that He has in your life.



    BRIDGE:  THE POWER OF GOD'S VANISHING POINT THE DOCTOR TALKER will ship within 5 days of your order being placed.

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