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DARE TO BELIEVE:  MIRACLES IN OUR EVERYDAY WORLD is about God’s message to the World!


Phyllis Willoughby provides a compelling view of how to be steadfast in your relationship with God. Miracles happen every day, everywhere to everyone.


DARE TO BELIEVE:  MIRACLES IN OUR EVERYDAY WORLD includes a collection of miraculous stories that shows the power of prayer, faith and how belief works together resulting in Miracles.


When you are feeling down and don’t know where to turn…know that God is the source and the answer to all your prayers.  Use this book as an inspiration and confirmation that miracles exist in whatever you do.


If you are not a Believer, you will become one. If you are a Believer, it will strengthen your FAITH.


Dare to Believe!

DARE TO BELIEVE: Miracles in Our Everyday World

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