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The Soul of a Woman: The Path to Healing, Love, and Forgiveness




How do you heal from a broken or painful past? In this book, The Soul of a Woman, The Path to Healing, Love, and Forgiveness; Daisy Marrs will help you find the ultimate path to loving yourself in order to heal, and find out who God created you to be. She believes that forgiving those that have caused you pain will help you find true love. Daisy takes you on a journey to see that a woman is different because she is the very essence of life. She understands that there is something that is embedded deep down inside each one of us as our Souls magnify who we are. It is important to her that we find our path to healing, love and forgiveness in order to accept this journey that we are on called life. Daisy’s own experiences show that God is ever present in our lives as she writes with certainty, boldness, and confidence on how He helps us understand that peace belongs to us.


In Daisy’s first award winning book “Woman to Woman! Domestic Violence a Wrong Turn in Life” she was able to share with transparency her personal journey of abuse, pain, and loss. Ultimately, she found peace through her writing and gained strength because of God’s presence in her life, and forgiveness filled her heart. With the help from both of these books you too can find your path to healing, love, and forgiveness. Daisy Arness Marrs will also help you understand that every part of you is worth loving, and you can’t give or receive love unless you first love yourself.


“A shift is coming as our demands become greater because we are looking for new things that will make us whole, and that’s a form of us feeling complete.

Daisy Marrs


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