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Enhanced DNA Publishing Feature


Denola M. Burton, Founder/CEO Enhanced DNA: Develop Nurture Achieve, LLC and Enhanced DNA Publishing is the feature author this month. Her new book is available TODAY!

Denola Burton is the visionary behind the Enhanced DNA brand and has built the Enhanced DNA Publishing Division to be an elite small publishing company in just three short years! Her latest project is the new book, "Enhancing Your Author DNA: Step-by-Step Publishing Guide" . The eBook went live TODAY and the paperback will go live later this week. In this book, Denola shares the details of what every author needs to know to publish with excellence, whether they self-publish or turn their manuscript over to a publisher. You will also learn the five steps to publishing an award winning book and use it to enhance your career and your expertise. "We publish authors, not books" says Denola about her company, Enhanced DNA Publishing. She says, "We want to provide tools and resources so that our authors know how to grow as an author and use their books to enhance their sales, their career, their business and their AUTHORity".

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn the steps required to meet the publishing standards set by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and you will receive tools to be able to create a publishing and a marketing plan to ensure that you stay on track. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, it is important for you to understand the basics. Through this publishing guide, you will be prepared to make the right decisions to move you from writer to author and from author to AUTHORity!

What is "AUTHORity", you might ask? Stay tuned for the Road to AUTHORity Publishing Academy. Want a sneak peak? Follow our Road to AUTHORity Facebook Page.

Denola M. Burton is the Founder and CEO of Enhanced DNA:  Develop Nurture Achieve, LLC and Enhanced DNA Publishing.  Through Enhanced DNA, Denola develops and nurtures individuals and organizations to achieve their Leadership, Communication and Performance goals and objectives.  Denola is also an author and publisher and through Enhanced DNA Publishing, assists new and newer authors in publishing their books according to the Independent Book Publishing Association (IBPA) standards.  Denola retired from Eli Lilly and Company after 27 years where the majority of her career was focused on Employee Relations/Human Resources.  You can connect with Denola on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN and Twitter at Enhanced DNA or send a message to


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