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Too many businesses fail because no one knows about them. McCord and Cargile Marketing Resources addresses this, keeping in mind the value our clients offer and the limits of their resources.  DJ McCord and Aisha Cargile focus on their clients' needs and develop strategy-based plans that are designed to help meet goals - and look good doing it. Check out the MCMR website for more details and to find out about their GIVEAWAY for 5 Free Websites!

DJ and Aisha have a passion for helping businesspeople and entrepreneurs move forward - and upward - in their success.  In their new book, A Marketing Fairy Tale: Build Your Marketing Plan Step by Easy Step, they share a fun, engaging and informational way to create your own successful marketing plan.

DJ McCord


DJ McCord was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he started his first ‘marketing’ effort, retailing candy in his local neighborhood. He completed a master’s degree in Business Management at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, with an emphasis in marketing.

DJ has owned and operated a number of small businesses, in which one of his primary roles – and challenges – was doing the marketing for those businesses. In 2016 he started the marketing firm of McCord and Cargile Marketing Resources, along with Aisha Cargile, the co-author of the marketing workbook A Marketing Fairy Tale. He has received recognition for his marketing and promotion efforts.

DJ McCord has a passion for helping people create, build and promote small businesses.

Aisha Cargile

Aisha Cargile is co-founder of McCord and Cargile Marketing Resources, an Indianapolis based marketing agency specializing in You-centric marketing and marketing education for small businesses, solo-preneurs and non-profits. Aisha is an educator at heart. She believes that knowledge is to be shared and lives by the saying "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."Aisha has volunteered with a variety of professional and charitable organizations, including Maddie Smiles: Random Acts of Kindness a community-based organization that focuses on improving the mindset and outlook of local populations through acts of kindness designed to inspire positivity and improve community relations. She has also sat on the board of directors for the Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter as VP Marketing.As a multipotentialite, Aisha is constantly in motion, learning, doing, sharing and growing, and that is exactly how she likes it.


A Marketing Fairy Tale:  Build Your Marketing Plan Step by Easy Step


Take the stress out of crafting your marketing plan.

A Marketing Fairy Tale takes you - step by EASY step - through the process of creating a simple, usable marketing plan. It takes the headache out of planning your marketing efforts, and puts the human element back in.

This simple guidebook weaves a story about marketing, complete with an enterprising young entrepreneur and a host of magical beings. Each of these beings offers a little bit of knowledge and insight. This book is simple and fun enough that kids will love the story.  With worksheets to fill out after each chapter, it is focused and informative enough to help you think about how you want your marketing to look, and what will bring you the most results.​​​​​​​




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