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What is a Book Launch Team and Do I Need One?

As Founder/CEO of Enhanced DNA:Develop Nurture and Achieve, LLC and the Enhanced DNA Publishing division, I wanted to share insight into the world of publishing through this Q&A series. Today we will address a new topic for some of you, What is a Book Launch Team and Do I Need One?

What is a Book Launch Team and Do I Need One?

When it comes to launching a bestselling book, the biggest leverage an author can invest in, is building an effective book launch team. The book launch team is like your “village” and sometimes it takes a village for success. The same goes for a self-published or any level of publisher. The launch team is critical!

What is a book launch team? A book launch team is a group of readers (friends, family, supporters) assembled to be ambassadors for you and your book. They should be people that, for no expectation of a reward, wants to see you and your book become a success. Sometimes, the launch team will receive some perks, but they are not expected. The size of your launch team is dependent upon how many people you can manage and keep motivated so you get that all important review from them when you launch. People like social proof, so if you have a number of reviews from your launch team prior to your official launch, readers will be more likely to download, purchase and read your book – especially if they are positive reviews.

It will be helpful to have some basic information for your book, such as the title and maybe even the book cover and book description before you begin to build your launch team. That will allow people who may want to support you but have no interest in that genre, to gracefully bow out. So that your launch team’s expectations are met, you want to let your them know, before they join the team, that you'll be asking them to promote your book in addition to providing their honest review. Then, once they have agreed to participate and your book has been announced to the public, you will want to remind them to promote your book as much as they can.

How to Build an Effective Launch Team

Create a team of committed reviewers and promoters to set the launch on fire.

1. Make a list of 10-50 people you can contact directly.

2. Reach out to people personally. By contacting people you know on a personal basis you can get a solid commitment from that person with a personal email/in person contact.

3. Send formal invitation via email. The people who are serious players will respond and commit.

Expectations of Launch Team:

1. Share information about the book and the launch (we will provide options for social media)

2. Read the book in advance. (Electronic copy provided)

3. On go-live date, purchase an eBook or paperback through Amazon.

4. Submit a review within first week of book go-live date. (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.)

5. Share photos of themselves with a copy of the book and with you if possible.

6. Share any personal insights from the book through social media, etc.

7. Attend a launch or book signing.

What the Launch Team can receives:

1. A digital version of the book before it launches

2. A special webinar Q&A with the authors (by invitation only)

3. A special Thank You recognition for your support

4. A personal gift from the Collaborating Author group

5. Entrance into a drawing for a special gift (to be eligible, all of the above expectations must be met).

You can create your own tools (such as criteria and communication templates) to assist with the creation of a Book Launch Team, or you can check out the tools provided in the workbook, "Enhancing Your Communication DNA: Publishing for Beginners".


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