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Do you tend to avoid looking deeply into your relationship with your mother as to not open hidden pain?


Do you tend to dismiss your emotions around your relationship with your mother? Have you been avoiding those feelings?


If you are ready to spend some time journaling and identifying your emotions around your mother wound, then you have come to the right, safe space.


“Dear Mama: Healing the Mother Wound Journal” is a guided journal for those who have experienced challenges in their mother/daughter relationship. “Dear Mama” is the letter that you have wanted to write yet have not found the courage or safe space to do so. This journal is a resource along the journey of healing. It is not a replacement for doing the work. It is not a replacement for therapy. It is not a replacement for community. This journal is a guide, a starting place to start to peel back the layers of complexities that the mother wound can create.

Dear Mama: Healing the Mother Wound


    "Dear Mama" will be shipped THE DOCTOR TALKER will ship within 5 days of your order being placed.

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