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LIFE'S JOURNEY: ON THE MOUNTAINTOP - Devotionals by Qiana Tucker

How do you get to and maintain your position on the mountaintop? In this book, Life's Journey: On The Mountaintop; Qiana Tucker takes you on her journey of love, forgiveness, standing your ground and walking in the power of God. She writes from a place of experience, confidence and assurance in the truth of God’s word and how He sustains us in our place of victory and peace, in Him.


In Qiana's first book, "Life's Journey: In the Valley", she shared her personal journey of her valley experiences with devotional entries that were birthed from places of deep pain. She gained strength from writing each devotional and God's presence and power, in her life, became even more evident.


With both of these "journeys", you will be transformed by the words as you live through your valley and mountaintop experiences.


Life's Journey: On the Mountaintop


    Life's Journey: On the Mountaintop will ship within seven days of ordering.

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