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Say It Loud! Affirmation and Handwriting Practice

Say It Loud! Affirmation and Handwriting Practice is an interactive book that can help your child build self-confidence while learning. Your child will learn how to recognize and write letters of the alphabet with individual basic line tracing, expand their vocabulary by learning new words along with the definition, and most importantly build confidence in themselves by speaking positive affirmations in the form of “I AM” statements. To add to the fun of learning, your child can creatively color each sight picture and hang the affirmations somewhere where they can see and speak them daily. Teach your child how to manifest the things they want to be and see in their lives. Our words are our wand. Our words are powerful. It is one thing to think it, but to Say It Loud puts action to your thoughts. Help your child to manifest greatness into their lives through writing, reading, and speaking!


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Say it Loud! Affirmation ABC's and Handwriting Practice

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