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SO WHAT?  KEEP GOING! A Story of Resilience


Join a captivating journey of resilience and personal triumph as Rob L. Lowe confronts life’s challenges—abuse, trauma, racism—with fearless determination. He surmounts seemingly insurmountable pain, drawing profound courage to emerge victorious from despair’s depths. This narrative highlights Rob’s resolute drive to transform failures into resounding successes. Brace for the transformative power of the human spirit and its unwavering strength.


Embark on an electrifying rollercoaster with Rob as he shares his raw agony in unfiltered and unbelievable experiences. Witness towering triumphs and harrowing defeats shaping his path. Through unwavering transparency, he imparts a lesson: the essence of human experience thrives in relentless perseverance, embracing “So What? Keep Going!” amidst all odds. This narrative, a testament to his determination, guides readers as they witness his journey from suffering to triumph, reminding us that life’s quest is to persist, unwavering in the face of daunting challenges.


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