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The New Adventures of Frankie & Abby: Tattletale


"I'm telling mom!"


This undoubtedly has to be the most remembered phrase from most everyone's childhood.


The New Adventures of Frankie & Abby: Tattletale” is the second in the adventures of Frankie and Abby. In the first book, we discovered these two fourth grade girls, with different personalities, temperaments and opinions, but having the same love for Christ. Frankie, a nine-year old who is unafraid to voice her view on life, as she sees it, is from the city of Indianapolis. Abby, a nine-year-old, calm, yet feisty red head, is from a country farm in Tennessee. Both girls, while on the surface, are opposite, they are, deeply alike.


In "Tattletale", the Lord allows Frankie to learn a lesson on spying and tattling on her older sister Maureen. How did Frankie react to this teaching and growing moment in her young life? How will you react to yours? Let's find out together…

The New Adventures of Frankie & Abby: Tattletale


    "Tattletale" will ship after January 15, 2023.

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